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Animal Portraits

I create unique, lifelike animal portraits by painting black printing ink onto primed flexiboard.  Using a dry brush and a stippling technique, the paintings take on the appearance of graphite drawings or etchings.

As much as I would love to have your animals pose for me while I paint them, a good clear colour photograph is much easier to work from.

Here are some guidelines when selecting a photograph:

  • Facebook downloads and screenshots are not ideal, the image needs to be a minimum of 1mb where possible. Sending several pictures so that a good likeness can be achieved is helpful. Adjustments can be made to correct the positioning of ears or remove tack/collars. It is most important to send a photograph that clearly shows the animals eyes as this is what shows their character the most. Daylight photographs tend to produce a better image, artifical lights can cause harsh bright spots and glare in animals eyes. I produce portraits from what I can see in the photograph so you need to make sure the photo is a good likeness to the animal.

All commissioned paintings come framed and mounted as standard.  A certificate of authenticity can also be supplied.

The paintings look great with an off white mount and simple black frame, but if this does not suit your decor, please let me know.

When I receive your images I will create at least one mock up image and email it to you.  The mock up will give you a good idea of the layout and shape of the painting. (Either square or rectangular).  There is no charge for the mock up images.

Once you are happy and wish to go ahead with the commission, a deposit of 25% is required.

The sizes of the paintings vary slightly.  For a single animal the approximate sizes are:

50x50cm (framed) or 40x60cm (framed)

A single animal painting at the above size costs £300 plus p&p

If two animals are required in one painting, the size of the finished piece may be slightly larger.

The cost of a painting with two animals costs £500 plus p&p



“It is absolutely amazing, captures them perfectly thank you Sooo much!”

“I can’t put into words just how beautiful it is and how much it means to me. You captured his essence perfectly – there’s a million bull terriers but only one Dillon – I would have recognised him from your picture instantly.”

“I adore him – you’ve got him just right!”